Philosophy in the Boudoir

Experimental Brazilian theater company Os Satyros and Theatre Asylum present this wicked stage adaptation. Based on the Marquis de Sade’s 1795 erotic novel La Philosophie dans le boudoir, this production steers close to the original work with frontal nudity, sex and blasphemy. Set in a bedroom, two decadent libertines teach a virgin their philosophical system and introduce her to the pleasures of the flesh. When the young girl’s conservative mother attempts to rescue her from corruption, the deviants turn on her. First performed in 1990, Os Satyros’ production has been met with praise and censorship around the world.


This show contains frontal nudity, sex, scatology and blasphemy. Sade’s text is not palatable. Not recommended for hypersensitive individuals.

About the Ticket Supplier: Combined Artform/Theatre AsylumFounded in 1998, C.A.F.E. (Combined Artform Entertainment) is on a mission to develop and combine all art forms to pioneer the “arts of the future,” as well as be an active and supporting member of the San Francisco–and now Los Angeles–performance production scene. Created by Producing Artistic Director Matthew Quinn, and joined by Steve Kahn in 1999, C.A.F.E. has collaborated with actors, singers, filmmakers, sketch comedy groups, musicians, improvisers and fine artists in more than 100 shows, including Santaland Diaries, Eavesdropper (SF), Monday Night Improv Jam (SF), Thursday Night Improv Jam (LA), PAPA (at the Eureka with Open Fist), Tilted Frame Improv and the SF Solo Festival.

Ator, roteirista e cineasta. Co-fundador da Cia. Os Satyros e diretor executivo da SP Escola de Teatro.
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