The production was first devoleped and performed by Os Satyros-Brazil

Now with artists from three different continents: Europe (Sweden, England,Germany), Africa (Nigeria, Senegal, Cap Verde, South Africa) and South America (Brazil).

The idea is to establish the points in common among different national realities during the pandemic. What are the fears that took over mankind during this period globally? What are the effects of social intolerance and political extremism in the world today?

At the end of the performance, we ask you the audience to stay in the room and we start a chat in simultaneous rooms. In this moment, the audience can talk freely to the artists and the other members of the audience about the performance, the effects of the pandemic in your own countries and the ways for a better political future.

Fonte: Universe

Ator, roteirista e cineasta. Co-fundador da Cia. Os Satyros e diretor executivo da SP Escola de Teatro.
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